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W.C.H.S. student raises $6,000 for library books

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

While the idea to enhance the literature collection at Watford City High School’s (W.C.H.S.) library probably wouldn’t come naturally for most teenagers, it did for Levi Sanford. Sanford, a W.C.H.S. senior, recently raised $6,000 to help contribute to a bigger, better selection of books for his school.
“Since we got another school in Watford City, they distributed books to the other libraries,” stated Sanford. “So the high school was short on books and there was a lack of cultures.”
Sanford says the book collection at W.C.H.S. had grown ancient, and he he saw an opportunity for a revival of updated books of interest for his fellow classmates.
“It got back to me so I started it with a teacher and our principal,” he says.
Though Sanford considers himself anything but a bookworm, he loves anything that calls for a good hustle when it comes to benefiting those in his community of Watford City, he says.
“It began in September and went through late November,” says Sanford of his fund-raising initiative.
To gauge his classmates, Sanford says he conducted a survey that asked each of them what kind of subjects  they would enjoy more of.
“I felt like it would get more people to read in the school,” says Sanford of peaking the students’ interest for a wider selection of books.

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In Watford I got to go to my first National Park. I made some friends and we went to the badlands and saw things we never heard of before like jackrabbits and mule deer. In my opinion Watford is the best city ever!

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