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County GIS department wins achievement award

By Ashleigh Plemper

Farmer Staff Writer
While the McKenzie County GIS Department generally flies under the radar, on Oct. 6, it was awarded a Special Achievement Award by ESRI, a global software company that networks with more than 350,000 organizations worldwide.
“When the email first showed up from the GIS president of the software company ESRI, if our account manager wasn’t cc’d on that email, I would’ve thought it was spam,” laughs Bonnie Foster, McKenzie County GIS department manager. “This is something that does not happen to most GIS-related entities in the world.”
Foster says it’s an honor to be recognized at a level that is so unique.
“A lot of people have a very limited knowledge as to what GIS is. If I asked you to tell me what GIS is and you haven’t read anything, what would you come up with for an answer?” says Foster. “You’d have to think.”
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